TOP PICKS: Hayes in the Fog's favorite San Francisco restaurants

Despite the proliferation of existing "you should eat here" lists for SF (great ones include the Eater Essential 38 and Thrillist's The Best Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now), I am frequently asked, "Where should I go to eat?"

The standard (snarky) response one gets from me when this question is asked: it depends.  Price point, occasion, food preferences, location restraints, party size, how far in advance you want to dine -- all of these factors influence where you should (and realistically will be able to) eat.

Instead of continuing to maintain this list in a spreadsheet* that I have to find each time someone asks me, I'm unleashing a list here for all to use/love/hate.  

I feel like I have access to a secret food bible.
— M.C., on receiving my spreadsheet

With all of that said, here are Hayes in the Fog's favorite San Francisco restaurants, listed alphabetically:

  1. A16
  2. Al's Place
  3. Cockscomb
  4. Cotogna
  5. Del Popolo
  6. Flour + Water
  7. Foreign Cinema
  8. Golden Star Vietnamese Restaurant (no website; cash only)
  9. Kin Khao
  10. Liholiho Yacht Club
  11. Little Star Pizza
  12. Marlowe
  13. Media Noche
  14. Mission Beach Cafe
  15. Nopa
  16. Octavia
  17. Park Tavern
  18. Pizzeria Delfina
  19. Plow
  20. Primavera (at the Ferry Building Farmers Market) (cash only)
  21. Radio Africa & Kitchen
  22. Roam Burger
  23. Shanghai Dumpling King
  24. Souvla
  25. SPQR
  26. Taqueria Cancun (no website; cash only)
  27. The House
  28. Tony'sSlice House
  29. Yamo (no website; cash only)
  30. Yank Sing
  31. Zazie

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Why does this list only include SF? 

While I live in Oakland now, I spent my first six years in the Bay living in SF, and I still work in the city.  I know it better and have been to these places enough to properly vet them.  When I reach that point for Oakland spots, another list will magically appear.

Why don't you have [x] on the list? It's THE. BEST. PLACE. EVER.

Feel free to comment below if you have suggestions or recommendations; generally speaking, it's not on the list because a) I haven't been there before (see my pipeline for SF places I've yet to visit), b) I haven't been there enough to properly vet it, or c) I don't like [x] as much as you do. :)


*Yes, up until now, I've maintained an "Operation: never go hungry" spreadsheet to track all of this.