TOP PICKS: Hayes in the Fog's favorite San Francisco breakfast spots

Chilaquiles at Primavera

Chilaquiles at Primavera

In short, my affection for breakfast exceeds my love for sweets, which frankly says a lot.  

Of all meals eaten out growing up, I have the most frequent and vivid memories of breakfast outings with my family, partially because of the meal’s lower price point vs. dinner and primarily because of my dad’s affinity for pancakes coupled with my brother’s ability to inhale bacon.  Hole-in-the-wall places like the General’s Kitchen in OCMD and the Waffle Shop in State College were places we’d go time and time again, to the point where every time my mom picks me up in Philly, where to eat breakfast arises as one of the first topics of discussion.

Another fun fact: the first conversation my now-husband and I ever had revolved around the “best” places for brunch in the city.  His list capped at five, but I’ve given myself a bit of leeway to share a few more of my favorite places for breakfast in San Francisco. 

Listed alphabetically:

  1. 20th Century Cafe

  2. B Star

  3. Bob’s Donuts

  4. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

  5. Foreign Cinema

  6. Jane

  7. The Mill

  8. Mission Beach Cafe

  9. Nopa

  10. Outerlands

  11. Padrecito

  12. Plow

  13. Primavera

  14. Tartine Manufactory

  15. Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

  16. Yank Sing

  17. Zazie


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Why does this list only include SF? 

While I live in Oakland now, I spent my first six+ years in the Bay living in San Francisco, and I still work in the city.  I know it better and have been to these places enough to properly vet them.  When I reach that point for Oakland spots, another list will magically appear.

Why don't you have [x] on the list? It's THE. BEST. PLACE. EVER.

Feel free to comment below if you have suggestions or recommendations; generally speaking, it's not on the list because a) I haven't been there before (see my pipeline for SF places I've yet to visit), b) I haven't been there enough to properly vet it, or c) I don't like [x] as much as you do. :)